Who we are

Nivethan Trust is a local non-profit from Madurai, dedicated to help those in need in the fields of health, education and food.


Nurture Merit

Nurture Merit Program is a well-designed, structured and focused program to support bright students coming from economically challenged families in Madurai to pursue their higher education post tenth class until their graduation leading to employment through financial assistance, training and mentoring support. Selection of students is based on poverty situation and merit.

Mission Thalassemia

Thalassemia is a severe disorder of the blood threatening the lives of thousands of children all over the world. It is estimated that 8-11% of the population in southern India  are affected. Patients who don’t receive proper care and treatment are unlikely to live until adulthood. Nivethan Trust supports 65 children suffering from Thalassemia and their families from economically challenged backgrounds in Madurai.

Economic Development Initiatives

Nivethan Trust has taken up economic development initiatives for poor and marginalized communities in Bhadrak district of Orissa. Initiatives being carried out are micro enterprise promotion- both farm & off farm, access to credit for enterprises, skill training, etc.

Latest News

A New Year begins: Nivethan’s Nurture Merit Program 2019-20 starts!

Jul 21,2019

A New Year begins: Nivethan’s Nurture Merit Program 2019-20 starts! “She takes tablets regularly,” said Vanishree (name changed) talking about her younger sister, Jayashree (name changed). ‘Taking tablets’ means Jayashree is HIV+. She is studying in class VI, while her sister Vanishree who is studying is class XI. It was during the house visit to.

Appeal for educational assistance to needy students- Nivethan Trust (2019-2020)

Jul 10,2019

Dear friends, Greetings from Nivethan Trust! I am herewith enclosing the list of 28 students who have applied to Nivethan Trust for educational assistance to pursue higher education in Madurai and Dindigul under Nurture Merit Program for this year 2019-2020. Nurture Merit (NM) Program is a structured and focused program to support bright students coming.

Gift a Life to 1.3 years old Lakshitha, suffering from Thalassemia

Nov 28,2018

This is an appeal from Nivethan Trust to help 1.3 year old Lakshitha, suffering from Thalassemia. The baby Lakshitha, living in Madurai has been suffering from Thalassemia, a blood disorder disease from infancy and has been surviving with monthly blood transfusion and expensive iron chelation treatment. It is very unfortunate that both Lakshitha and her twin.


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