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I think sometimes the artists’ interests are de-emphasised. Close • Posted by 1 minute ago. Now this has evolved into a physical... It was great to feel so aligned with everybody from small artists from who-knows-where to labels like Merge Records. We’re really focused on providing an alternative that we know works. And if fans are 15 year-old kids who can’t afford the vinyl – let alone the record player and speaker system – they can go and get one [a cassette player] from Urban Outfitters for 20 bucks.”Bandcamp plans to put even more energy into helping its artists and labels sell merchandise in the coming months – including cassettes, vinyl and CDs, which as a panel at the recent AIM Indie-Con conference noted, are increasingly seen as ‘merch’ – while also building more community features for fans.“Community engagement is going to be a big theme. So I had a fan account way before my artist account. read more And that model has managed to grow our fan community to become huge and very robust.”But Bandcamp knew from its analytics that there were also “tons and tons” of people coming to the site and trying to click on the community features they didn’t have access to, without success.“Eventually, we decided that our community was large and defined enough, with the foundation of quality that we want, that we didn’t think that was going to change. Fan Account. On other services, one artist’s album is set up exactly like another’s, and the album often isn’t even the focus,” said Kim.That’s a clear reference to the growing prominence of playlists on streaming services like Spotify, which is fuelling concerns in some quarters of the industry that the emphasis is on the playlists as the ‘brands’ that fans love, rather than the artists.“I think the artists’ presence is really the glue that holds our community together,” said Kim. The number of people signing up to Bandcamp quadrupled after it dropped its requirement for people to make a purchase before they could get a ‘fan account’ on the music site.Until recently, the restriction meant that visitors to Bandcamp without one of those accounts were unable to use community features like following and wishlists.“There was a good reason for creating it like this: to make sure the quality of the community was very high. This open fan signup has already had a huge impact on the community, and we will continue to do more things that will enrich that experience even further,” said Kim.About that hellish 2016, though. Fan Account. Bandcamp Support is experiencing an unusually high volume of emails from our wonderfully successful fundraisers this summer, so our responses may take an extra few days. “Growth in physical sales was led by vinyl, which was up 48%, and further boosted by CDs (up 14%) and cassettes (up 58%).” The company added more than 2,000 independent labels in 2016, as well as “hundreds of thousands” of artists.Bandcamp is increasingly vocal about defining itself as an independent service against the competition offered not just by streaming, but by download stores like iTunes and e-commerce giants like Amazon.“Those are your choices as a music buyer and as an artist selling your music. Discover amazing music and directly support the artists who make it. The number of people signing up to Bandcamp quadrupled after it dropped its requirement for people to make a purchase before they could get a ‘fan account’ on the music site. The report, by Linda Coogan Byrne and Women in Ctrl, analysed the 20 most-played British artists on 31 UK... I wanted to know if there is a way to merge these accounts and have my artist profile take over the followers and collection from my old one. Album of the Day 2 comments. At least in my research, there is not a way to merge fan and artist accounts.
I make silly music that I would like to share with the world, and now uploaded some to Soundcloud, but I do not like that as much as Bandcamp (for many reasons). I cannot find a way to (un)follow genres/tags. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I think the reason for this is that each type of account offers features/tools that the other one doesn't so they're just trying to avoid headaches (both ours and theirs).Press J to jump to the feed. Hey! I noticed I've been getting a lot of music I don't like in my feed and I want to cut down on the genres.

A Tale Of Two Ecosystems: On Bandcamp, Spotify And The Wide-Open Future There's Bandcamp, beloved by artists. Hong Kong based record label. I recently made a fan account and picked a few genres to follow. But my account on Bandcamp is a FAN, and can´t find a way to change it to an Artist-account. How do I add music to my collection? It also gives you a real-time mobile view into your stats, and helps you manage and fulfill your merch. Kim said that the success of the campaign says something about the community.“That was the most rewarding thing for me about it: seeing the community get activated, and seeing the shared interests of the community.
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