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Your grasp of the language seems fine.I personally quit using the m13 a week or so ago. While funny and cool clips can be entertaining, I think discussion like you mentioned is what will really make us all smarter and stronger in the long run.Awesome guide!

But I'm tired of people that say my guides are a garbage, a false, wrong without any productice criticism nor any opinion. I'll keep posting a guide for a weapon on This is the sort of thing I wish we had more of on this sub.

About Siddharth Suvarna. Warzone Loadout Metas. Apart from actual recoil, when you areusing high magnification and on certain guns, the optic itself will be shakingback and forth a lot. Check Out Kar98k Marksman Rifle in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & COD Warzone!

I would base that off of how well you can get headshots.

The Aim Down Sight is improved by +2 frames; however, the added weight decreases movement speed by 6 percent.There you go—the best loadout for PKM in Call of Duty Warzone. While I'm trying to get a headshot, I can of course accidentally hit them in the legs, which would make the perk a little useful. Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor User account menu.

If you prefer Sniper Rifles or LMGs, the bonus of not losing out on long ranged damage that M13 gets is fairly minimal.But if you want to use an AR that is adaptable, and has the option to even be okay at long ranges, you've only got a few choices. 1.4k. But, generally speaking, on a regular build this is the case.The recoil pattern goes to the right and up, but you can reduce it far enough that it's hardlynoticeable.So mainly this is for players that like to use ARs. 1) Nadeshot . Close. Source – Reddit. It also improves the agility of the gun but decreases the range by 25 percent. Vikkstar123 1,717,960 views. This stat also helps to reduce that.Recoil Stabilization: Reduces the randomness of recoil, making the bullet pattern more uniformand efficient.ADS +3 Frames, Range +33% (Faster Bullet Velocity), Movement Speed -3%, Enhanced Recoil ControlADS -2 Frames, Enhanced Aim stabilization, Laser visible to an enemy on Aim downEven though the laser is visible to the enemy on Aim downbecause the map on Warzone is quite big, The lighting is also quite strong,ADS +3 Frames, Range +33% (Faster Bullet Velocity), Movement Speed -3%, Enhanced Recoil ControlADS +1 Frames, Enhanced Aim stabilization, Enhanced Recoil ControlRange + 17.6% (+ Range, - Bullet Velocity), No Death marker, No Bullet trail, - Recoil ControlI'm not going to post any guide on this subreddit anymore. 95 KILL GAME in CoD WARZONE! This build will improve bullet velocity and sound suppression similar to option 1, as we’re using the same attachments other than the barrel, Stock, and more rounds of ammunition. Source – Reddit Discussion. This loadout is customized to win Warzone games and minimize recoil, improve stability, and increase bullet velocity. Find his loadout setup below: Primary Weapon: M4A1. I have won a lot of games with it already, and just wanted to share my loadout and thoughts.Any critiques or questions are of course welcome, but please be respectful because I'm just trying to help.The BTK is a bit higher than other guns, but headshot efficiency is amazing!In most situations, depending on distance and how many armor plates your enemy has, every time you land a headshot the BTK decreases by 1.Which is to say that if you needed 7 shots to kill the enemy, after you get a headshot the The more headshots you can land, of course, the better.Without headshots it has the second slowest TTK among rifles.However, with just 1 headshot, the TTK is faster than gun and gets a similar TTK to gun.So you can see how good (and important) headshot efficiency is on this weapon.- M4A1 (600ms / 9mm ammunition 551ms / Socom ammunition 500ms)As you can see, the TTK on M13 is slower than most other ARs without headshots.Naturally, this can be different depending on setups.For instance, if you decide to go for only range on other ARs, massively reduce the range M13, or go for another extreme setup that sacrifices some aspect of the weapon to really maximize a specific trait of the gun. Let us know which is your preferred choice using the comments section. Find info about the Warzone / Modern Warfare best loadout, attachments, how To unlock, & setup for Kar98k.

Check Out MP7 SMG in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & COD Warzone! Best Grau 5.56 Loadout for CoD Warzone. Ultimate M13 Loadout Guide + Tips for Warzone . Tune if you are with a squad or in cash mode. Your grasp of the language seems fine.I personally quit using the m13 a week or so ago. While their damage goes up on a headshot, M13s damage goes WAY up.Grau and Kilo may have a higher flat TTK, which is a good quality. Fed up of all these clips.

Experiment with different setups to find what suits your playstyle best. I felt like maybe I could do the same here! I'm maxed out, and it was awesome the first week or so but lately it's been taking half a mag to drop folks it seems like. Every player will have their preference between the two, and neither is wrong.Aim Stabilization: Reduces shakiness while aiming down. It's ridiculous.This is exactly the kind of posts I want to see here.

Ultimate M13 Loadout Guide + Tips for Warzone. I've … This is done by looting a Loadout Supply Drop, and there are two ways to do this.

The reason why I started to post my guides on this subreddit, translating them from Korean to English, spending lot of time on replying to people is because I wanted to help people.

While their damage goes up on a headshot, M13s damage goes WAY up.Grau and Kilo may have a higher flat TTK, which is a good quality. ABOUT ME. The Aim Down Sight is also faster by -2.5 frames.The PKM has a bad reload speed; hence it is better to use a 150 Round Belt on the gun. So the bonus you get from the perk won't really work when you're trying to get that TTK boost from the headshot efficiency. However there are people who wanna tell me that I put all those efforts on nothing, and it breaks my heart. Fed up of all these clips. We would personally go for loadout option one as it has a better list of attachments, and range isn’t really a big deal with this gun.

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Ultimate M13 Loadout Guide + Tips for Warzone . So baut ihr sie nach. This sub is basically shit GIFs and gameplay videos of random plays.


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