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Hai, its the Mewderator. This Salamence in particular can use Draco Meteor to OHKO almost all of the common switch-ins to the Dragon Dance set. Furthermore, there are no walls of texts after the Pokemon I post here, also known as descriptions. JavaScript is disabled.

I have an issue I would like to be solved.

De plus, la pluie aide beaucoup le duo SkarChans.

Draco Meteor is also still a great move against stall, KOing or denting every Pokemon that isn't a Steel-type, Blissey, Chansey, or Tyranitar.

Hello everyone. Ébullition est suffisant pour gêner les placements,Requiem pour les boosteurs,Repos+Abri pour+de staying power. [Please excuse our look during the redesign :)] This involves the people who do Is it okay if I can report these people? Anyways, I hope you have fun playing Pokémon, and maybe I might see you again.

Comme pour le mot « staller », le stall vient du verbe anglais « to stall », se traduisant par « paralyser » ou « faire gagner du temps », ce qui est le but de la stratégie du stall. Using a mixed sweeper to break through stall is usually very effective. This involves the people who do absolutely nothing for one and a half minutes, and then play normally.

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A smaller chance is they have a disability, and some people have really bad wifi which lags a lot. Jouer un climat est indispensable en hard stall pour pouvoir staller les Climat abuser. Je ne connaissais pas les nouveaux pokémons, ni leurs talents, ( a part corvaillus et salarsen ) le seul truc que je voulais c'était une team assez sympa avec laquelle je puisse tester le dynamax. Locking this and referring to some other competitive subforum, though I would highly recommend talking with any of the mods/reading up on their forum rules of said respective forum before posting a thread like this.

8 views. Stall is an ability that makes the Pokémon 's moves come in last. This is my team, if there is anything I can do to destroy stallers more effectively, let me know please. Je suis quand même étonné que des gens continus de regarder cette team pas ouf au passage . The reason I haven’t done it yet is because I’m worried I might get banned or muted for reporting somebody for an invalid reason.It makes me feel good when people like you try to help. Scolipede @ Focus Sash Ability: Speed Boost EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe Adamant Nature - Swords Dance - Megahorn - Poison Jab - Earthquake . They expect the person who loses the coin flip to concede immediately.

One thing that has baffled me for a long time is why the overpowered stall team is not addressed in any way in any meta. They could be multitasking or are distracted.

This is really annoying, as it encourages me to ragequit. 0 votes . The Pokémon Company International is not responsible for the content of any linked website that is not operated by The Pokémon Company International. Alors dans cette vidéo je vais vous montrer comment on peut gérer cet archétype de team, en UnderUsed.

), un Pokémon ayant Frein attaque toujours en … If Stall is gained, lost, or suppressed, then it will not affect turn order until the beginning of the next turn.

If the Pokémon's held Quick Claw activates, Stall does not affect when that Pokémon moves.

All the retards complaining on /vp/ about stall teams and how it’s boring probably have a sub 1200 e... - "/vp/ - Pokémon" is 4chan's imageboard dedicated to discussing the Pokémon series of … The Pokémon with this Ability moves last in its priority bracket, regardless of its Speed and Trick Room.

I have an issue I would like to be solved. Rate my Gen 7 OU Anti Stall Team. 5,003 views.

This is a very Special RMT, for many different reasons.

It was introduced in Generation IV. Honestly, it could also be part of the Genter's movement, an illegal deal in Legacy Format (name due to Gentlemen's agreement), which states that whoever wins the coin flip wins the game (this is illegal because you're determining the win based on non-game decisions. Stall is an uncompetitive tactic that allows for simplistic responses to opponents teams. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Quelle que soit l'altération de l'ordre des Pokémon en combat (Vent Arrière, Hâte, Distorsion, etc. Cool, huh? For example, this team uses absolutely no images. I'm a mill/stall player, but I never timer stall anyone... and honestly, with fast raid decks around, you can't really enforce the timer, I'd just recommend having something else open to entertain your mind in the meantime OU Stall team. If Stall is gained, lost, or suppressed, then it will not affect turn order until the beginning of the next turn. No images whatsoever. The Pokémon with this Ability moves last in its prioritybracket, regardless of its Speedand Trick Room. Les teams stall sont vraiment difficiles à passer n'est-ce pas ?

One thing that has baffled me for a long time is why the overpowered stall team is not addressed in any way in any meta.This is not really the place to discuss this, as it has to do with competitive discussion rather than PS! Only Sableye has this ability. itself.

Commentaire posté par Horu le 21/02/2020 à 14:24. However, if they play at a normal speed and stall when you start  winning, they probably are hoping that you'll concede out of frustration.

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