Our work on Thalassemia – An Update- Feb 2018

3 children from Madurai- Mohana, Amsamalar & Faliha have undergone Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT is the only cure for Thalassemia) to be free from Thalassemia in the last 1-2 months at Apollo Hospital, Chennai.  

We have facilitated HLA Typing (a test to find match for BMT) for these 3 Children along with 19 other children at Government Rajaji Hospital with support from Sankalp India Foundation & Cure2Children Foundation.

Our Special gratitude goes to Dr. Revati Raj, BMT Head, Apollo Hospital, Chennai for her generous contributions to our efforts. Our sincere thanks to Dr.Lawrence Faulkner from Cure2Children Foundation & Sankalp India Foundation who was the guiding force behind this successful program.

We also sincerely thank all our donors, volunteers and well-wishers for their generous support to this noble cause.

We hope to save more children living with Thalassemia to have a normal and healthy life.

Thank you once again

Warm regards,

Team Nivethan


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