Nivethan Trust is a local non-profit from Madurai, dedicated to help those in need in the fields of health, education and food.

Nivethan was established in 2006 by a group of socially committed individuals who wanted to make a change to the world on a local basis according to each and everyone’s capability. Since then this spirit hasn’t been lost– to engage volunteers from all parts of society to contribute whatever they have to give, believing that everyone has some gift to share with others.

The trust operates on zero administrative costs and distributes all donations directly to the cause they were raised for. Only when there is a need there is a budget as financial resources are connected to a purpose.

Vice versa it is the credo of Nivethan that, especially in the social sector, the needs and required initiatives are obvious in society. It is more use to identify the problem and then finding ways to solve it than to first have the means and then looking for a way to spend them.

At the moment Nivethan supports Children with Thalassemia in Madurai and around 30 ambitious students every year for their higher education.

To find out more about our programmes check out the individual pages about

  • Madurai Blood Donors
  • Mission Thalassemia
  • Nurture Merit Program