Thalassemia is a severe disorder of the blood threatening the lives of thousands of children all over the world. It is estimated that 8-11% of the population in southern India are affected. Patients who don’t receive proper care and treatment are unlikely to live until adulthood.

Nivethan Trust supports 65 children suffering from Thalassemia and their families from economically challenged backgrounds in Madurai.

To learn more about Thalassemia read our short and extensive Brochures about it!

What we do

  • 1. Identify patients and provide information
  • 2. Facilitate expert guidance
  • 3. Facilitate blood units for transfusion
  • 4. Provide medication
  • 5. Facilitate and support BMT
  • 6. Screen so called ‘carriers’ to prevent Thalassemia
  • 7. Inform the public about the disorder and conduct awareness projects

  • The knowledge about Thalassemia among the general public is alarmingly low in spite of the seriousness the disorder bears. The first step is to identify patients and to inform them and their families about the disease, its significance and what are the necessary steps to ensure the child’s well being.

  • The parents are guided and counseled by expert doctors to whom Nivethan establishes a connection.

  • Thalassemics are in need of blood transfusion every few weeks. The required units of blood are facilitated and provided by Nivethan and its partners.

  • The treatment for Thalassemia also consists of taking medicines that help the patient deal with the complications of the disorder. Nivethan distributes free drugs to needy children in Madurai on need basis.

  • Some patients are medically eligible to undergo bone marrow transplant which can cure Thalassemia. For those the procedure is facilitated and financially supported through the trust. So far, 12 patients are supported financially by Nivethan