The wealth of a society are its children. Only through them a prosperous and better future can be built. Unfortunately, due to their economic and social situation not all children are able to develop their talents and shape a career of their dreams.

Nivethan Trust since 2012 supported more than 150 ambitious and promising students from Madurai, Dindigul, Hospet (Karnataka) and Dhamnagar (Orissa) for their higher education post 10th Standard. All of them have scored remarkable results in their public exams and showed commitment and effort to achieve best outcomes of their education as possible. Now only through the provided scholarship they are able to continue their studies as all of them come from economically challenged families.

But Nurture Merit is more than just financial support. The children are guided through their higher studies and counseled until they reach the final goal of graduation and employment. Furthermore they receive special skill training to prepare them best for the job market and other challenges they have to face after their studies.

The Sunday tutoring sessions and trainings include a variety of fields such as computer classes, science lessons, spoken English training and lectures about issues like nutrition, how best to get into engineering colleges and effective communication. This manifold extracurricular education allows the children to broaden their horizon and to find themselves in relation to their ambitions and society.

Nivethan chooses the students according to the criteria of coming from economically very weak backgrounds and showing ambition and a great interest in achieving academic excellence.

Visit the website for the Nurture Merit program and learn more about our students and their training- https://nivethannurturemerit.wordpress.com/

Each student is supported by a individual donor who covers the expenses for his or her education. You can become a well-wisher of one of our students and accompany him or her through higher studies enabling a future full of possibilities for those children!

Please contact us at nivethan.mdu@gmail.com ; hello@nivethan.in or +91-9788166903 if you wish to become part of the project!